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GameWarp Tournament Results?
« on: August 15, 2011, 12:58:54 PM »
Unfortuantely, I made it too late Saturday to participate in the Pinball tournaments. :(

Can anyone supply the details on what the tournamant(s) were, who won, prizes?

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Re: GameWarp Tournament Results?
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2011, 02:20:42 PM »
I am sure there will be a post from the Gamewarp officials with the results, but here is what I can remember ...

I came in second in the video game tournament and Greg (WannaTheater) came in first. Prizes were very cool.

A guy name Chris won the Gamecade tournament and took home a nice NEO GEO cabinet for his effort. I came in second and David Cruz (the Tron World Record Holder guy) came in third.

Noit sure about all of the pinball tournament results, but I am pretty sure David Cruz finished second in the pin tournament.

In the unofficial Kong Off, Eric (Menacefire) appears to have had the highest DK score of the weekend.

That is all I can remember ...

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Re: GameWarp Tournament Results?
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2011, 03:04:11 PM »
To my knowledge-there was just one strictly pinball tournament. I think there was a tourney that used pinball as part of the arcade challenge.

I know for a fact my friend Frank won 1st place in the pinball tourney :) (JOY!)

I have no idea where I placed-it was lower than 4th :)

I will offer some comments; hopefully it will not offend too many readers and will be viewed as constructive, not harmful.  My writing style tends to bother some folks. I apologize in advance.

If you have any questions on what I meant by what I wrote, don't sit there and be angry while typing your reply post, PM me or just ask. If you have talked to me in person, you know it is not my intent to anger people and I am trying to promote pinball, not alienate folks :) I am also not a keyboard commando, I'd be happy to talk about this with you in person :)

1.  First off, it was free, which is cool.  Thank you.

2. The tourney format and games should really not be a "secret" unveiled at the last moment.  The games were Goldeneye and Class of 1812.

3.  I didn't think limiting the number of participants was a good move.  Maybe shut off the sign-up time but don't tell people you only want 24 people.  The tourney format was so short, saying only 24 people was not required IMO.    

4. It was very non-traditional for a solo tournament.  Format was one ball on 2 games and a player's "score" was a composite score. A composite score is a good idea :) 4 2 1 0 scoring etc. However there is a risk of lots of ties-not sure how that was handled or if they got lucky on how it played out.

(I know it was meant to be fun-and it was, but if the goal is to attract serious or even semi-serious pinball players to compete, the one ball, one and done format is not optimal as the only pinball tourney.   As a side tourney-sure, go for it.)

5.  Order of play was order of signup and players only get one shot.  In most pinball competitions order is a key issue. With only one shot to play (even if chosen randomly) later players get the benefit of seeing what works, and what does not work.  The "element of surprise" is gone after just a few players watch how the game scores/feeds etc. So again not telling people what the games are is moot. Maybe since it was not "serious" then so what.

I can't say I totally capitalized on playing later in the list, but seeing what to do gave me ideas and I had never played it before. As soon as the game got back into the hall, I played one full game on Goldeneye and figured a lot out :)  

6.  If players get multiple chances to try (even 2), it feels more like a competition, even if keeping the one ball format. All pinball players know about the concept of house balls etc. One and done always feels too luck-based. That is fine as a casual tourney, maybe that was the whole point, but it did not really feel like a pinball tournament per se.  

7. The turning of the games on/off and/or cycling balls was a bit odd.  Just set the games to one ball in the menu.  Most modern games have that feature. It will not affect anything.

8. Players/spectators should not be allowed to congregate around the sides of a pin in a tourney.  All spectators should be behind where the player stands and out of peripheral vision.  People will naturally want to be as close as possible since it is hard to see, but no pinball tournaments of any competitive nature really permit that.  Besides it is not nice to stand right next to a player.

9. Competitors should know what their target scores are. Again, later people have a huge advantage if it is one and done. Consider an easel and board, even if just handwritten, showing where competitors are ranked relative to others.  Also, because of the one and done, once you see someone do better than you, you already feel like there is no point.  With just one more chance, you can come back so to speak.  The format was so fast, it really did not need to be one and done.

Again, I cannot stress enough-this is not a gripe fest.  I had a good time-really :)  I just feel that the goal is probably to generate more pinball competition interest, and figure out ways to get more players involved.

And yes, I have been told many times, I take pinball too seriously :)

I prefer to think I just really like pinball-and as written on Gottlieb's backglases: It is more fun to compete :)  

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Re: GameWarp Tournament Results?
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2011, 03:12:24 PM »
I'll respond here regarding the pinball tournament since I helped out with that keeping track of things.  I know Jeff/pinballcorpse posted SOMEWHERE  around here a few comments that I read last night, but I was pretty wasted and exhausted and can't remember what thread they're in now, so will just post here as response to what I can recall of them. :)

We ended up having 2 playoffs, one for 1st and 2nd place, and one for 3rd place as we had ties for all those spots.

Playoff for 3rd place was between John Bork and Dan Faust (I believe?), of which Dan won (I think???). :) Dan Hall took the official paper, so I don't recall the exact scores/ results.  If I'm wrong, then apologies to John, it was either John or Dan, so I THINK it was Dan.

The battle between 1st and second place was between David Cruz and Frank Noge, or which Frank won.

So, the end results were:

1st place: Frank Noge
2nd place: David Cruz
3rd place: Dan Faust or John Bork :)

Not sure if the scores really matter THAT much, as the tournament was a single ball tournament.  This was the first time I ever did a tournament or even a game challenge ever that was just on a single ball rather than an entire game, and I'd have to say I didn't like it at all either.  The problem is, we basically had that conference room for roughly an hour slot for each event,  and rather than having a lot of games in there, we ended up having 2 pins, Class of 1812 and Golden Eye 007.  So, 2 pins and 24 players, no way we could have had everyone play a full game and be done in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, yes didn't want to spend hours in there instead of playing games in the main ballroom.  So, we just went with the best single ball for each person, and it still took over an hour.  It did seem to go fairly quick, but I'd opt for everyone getting more play time rather than standing around waiting.

The results, most of us pretty much got our asses handed to us playing just a single ball, rather than a full game, as you have no 2nd chance to make up for a bad ball. If I'm involved with helping with the tournament next year, I'd definitely suggest/ push/ insist upon having more pins  (at least 4 pins, ideally maybe 6?) for roughly the same amount of people, so everyone can actually have more playing time, and FULL games, rather than standing around waiting to play for 2 minutes on each game.  I think that's a must.

Anyway, congrats to Frank Noge, our pinball tournament winner.

EDIT: AS I was typing my comments, pincorpse posted his comments above, will go and read now...
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Re: GameWarp Tournament Results?
« Reply #4 on: August 15, 2011, 03:28:03 PM »

just read Corpse's post, so my response:

Yeah, I think I pretty much agree with all that! :)  

<<(I know it was meant to be fun-and it was, but if the goal is to attract serious or even semi-serious pinball players to compete, the one ball, one and done format is not optimal as the only pinball tourney.   As a side tourney-sure, go for it.)>>

I think it was meant as the latter, just a little side distraction/ break from the main ballroom for a while, just to gather a few of the competitive pinball players together for a while.  Same thing with the console and arcade tourneys, was just to get those people together for a little fun diversion, nothing too serious.

LMAO at setting the games on single ball, I SWEAR that never occurred to me or Dan, as I was pretty much on auto pilot for the last 4 days.  Also a good point of having everyone hanging around the sides of the games...oh well. :)  See, if we have more pins next time everyone will be busy PLAYING rather than watching.  Also, they may not have wanted to move too many pins off the floor either.  We also tried to pick a few games that weren't the most common to try to keep things on a no advantage to anyone concept, so I think we definitely succeeded with 1812 and Goldeneye.  Thanks to Corpse for beating the shit out of it later and posting a 4 billion+ high score, to exact a little revenge for all of us that got our asses kicked in the tourney. :) :) :)

This is the first year of this show, so we were definitely open to suggestions from anyone.  Since I was the guy on the staff with the most pins, I was nominated to help oversee the tournament best I could given what we had to work with.  I nominate corpse to help out next year to have something more professionally organized if desired. :)  (Also very glad you and Brian could make it up for the show... as I realize you couldn't commit to helping with the tournament this year as it was a last minute call to attend). As always, wish we had more time to chat and play some games between you and Brian.
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Re: GameWarp Tournament Results?
« Reply #5 on: August 15, 2011, 03:34:35 PM »
pretty much what batman said, first year, we tried to make it a little fun, wasnt serious, was free to enter, and still had good prizes and trophies, of course will listen to all comments and will take those and see what we can do for next year, already have ideas  ;D

but I do believe if you wish for a more serious Tourney then SPF will be able to cater to your needs for that, ours was more just a fun weekend  ;D
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Re: GameWarp Tournament Results?
« Reply #6 on: August 15, 2011, 03:54:43 PM »
Here's a few pics of the tourney and the award presentation to Frank Noge, pics courtesy of Jeff Fletcher.
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