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Free Play @ Replay
« on: May 24, 2015, 10:55:48 PM »
Hey Guys! We're ready to give you details on our upcoming event to kickoff the Free Play Florida promotion season beginning with Free Play @ Replay! Everyone is welcome to join us July 24th-26th at the Replay Amusement Museum in Tarpon Springs. The first part of this event consists of 2 days of open qualifying (20 hours) in a best-of-5 tournament. This is the same format that most of you will be familiar with during my IFPA tournaments at all the major shows. Please note that all participants and spectators are required to pay entrance to the museum if you are not already a member. Qualifying entires for the open division will be $5/3 games (reduced from the normal $10/3 games). The museum and qualifying will be available from 11am to 9pm Friday and Saturday. Finals will start at 11am on Sunday.

The second part of this event will be a Clash of the Clans (Pinbrawl style) team event. This part of the event is meant to be for fun and for bragging rights! At the end of the day, Clash of the Clans is all about camaraderie. Competitive pinball is usually a solitary sport, and the Clash has made it possible to play in a group with your closest friends. There will be NO WPPR points associated and there will be no extra registration fee. Teams will consist of 4 players...this is your chance to wear your "colors" and support the league/club you normally play in, however you may also register as a single player and I'll put you on a team with other misfits 

The Clash of the Clans will begin on Saturday 25th at 11:00 am. All teams will play the same bank of 3 games, adding all individual scores together. At the end of each round, 50% of the teams will be eliminated until the final battle between two teams. The winning team will be rewarded with custom metals to commerate the event, as well as an MVP player for the highest accumulated score.


All teams are required to register via PM to me (Greywolf) before 12:00 pm July 5th, 2015. If a group chooses a team captain, they can PM me with all the names of those on your team. Or a single player can send me a PM with their desire to be put on a team.

Please use the following format to cut-and-paste via PM:

Subject: Team Registration

Real Name(s): [multiple names] or [individual name]
Team Name: [eg. The Pinheads] or [individual]
Club/League Affiliation: [Flips, POPs, TPL, 904, etc.] or [none]

I will post team names/players as they are registered, so everybody will know which players are already committed.

There are plenty of games available outside of the tournment banks, so I encourage EVERYBODY to come hangout with us!

See you in July!
The Free Play Florida Team

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