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Deadpool - 830M
« on: May 23, 2019, 05:38:43 PM »
All I can tell you about how to get at or near a billion on Deadpool is this:

-- You need multipliers constantly
-- You need to stack and stack
-- Stay in multiball foevever. Good things happen by accident.

Our real expert here is kawikid. Without his coaching I would have scored maybe half that. Thanks Kawikid!

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Re: Deadpool - 830M
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2019, 01:31:59 AM »
Tell me more!

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Re: Deadpool - 830M
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2019, 08:21:13 AM »
I am so out of touch with modern games and my ignorance of modern day pinball is getting worse. 

I have little-to-no basis to know what that score means or how far into the game you probably got. (A score of 30BIL on AFM means a player probably ruled the universe twice in one game for example).  I only know from context 830MIL is a decent score on DP, since it’s unlikely to post a score that is less than the factory board scores.

I am hoping one day to get some time on so many of these new games (and in many cases even old games) and figure out what is going on.

We are certainly in an era where rules knowledge is key.  Brute force, control, and basic flipper skills won’t cut it.

Anyway-Good Job :)

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Re: Deadpool - 830M
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2019, 09:02:04 AM »
i think having some of the side characters in the mode will help.  Like cyclops in a battle along with stacking a multiball and a playfield multiplier will help a lot.

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Re: Deadpool - 830M
« Reply #4 on: May 24, 2019, 10:07:16 AM »
Thanks, Busa. OK, so here is all I can remember, because as Jeff said most of these games just turn into a blur most of the time...

I usually start off with the left spinner, because that's the ACDC War Machine shot, and I'm comfortable with it! I know Disco Multiball will show up there eventually. When I have the ball on the left flipper I am just thinking about getting into Li'l Deadpool multiball because it lets me hit a bunch of dangerous targets like DEAD POOL and do some ramps to get closer to Katana-rama. When I'm back to single ball I am remembering this game is about completing modes so if a Quest is lit I go for it. I was picking the "water" one first, but now I think I am going to pick the "dinosaur" one from now on.

You have to get that Snikt target a lot, to make everything worth more. All you really care about in this game is how much something is worth. And the ball is moving pretty fast most of the time so you are just thinking, "How can I control this next shot?" or, if I can't control it, "Where can I hit it safely so I have a few more seconds to think about what I'm doing?"

Eventually I got Disco Multiball. I am pretty sure I was in a Quest when I got it, so that made the Quest easy to finish. You just want a lot of things happening. (I told everyone this game was Pinball ADHD!)

Eventually I was ready for Mechsuit Multiball, but I screwed up getting into it because I thought I was going to get a mode alongside the multiball when I went into the scoop. Eric told me later that with the new code I have to HOLD THE BUTTON DOWN to cancel the mode and get Mechsuit. (Now how the heck was I supposed to know that without poring over a rule sheet?) So I got stuck playing some mode I don't remember, probably Juggernaut, which I like because of the loop shots. So somehow I finished that and got to play Mechsuit. Along the way I must have had Berzerker in there, and I probably accidentally hit Snikt for 2x. Honestly, I am so shot-oriented on this game I almost forget why I'm making the shot.

Yes, I had Ninja Multiball in there, too. In fact, I make that one of my primary goals every game. And I guess the strategy is to make sure you have a mode running before you go for any multiball. Is this not becoming pretty much THE ONLY STRATEGY ON EVERY STERN GAME?

Eventually I looked up and saw I was at 600M. I knew I was having a good game, but I also knew there were a lot of points being left all over the table. Eric walked by and started telling me what to focus on next. Without him I wouldn't have known what was important. Deadpool has so many flashing lights asking you to do so many different things that there is no sense of what's more important than what. (At least Iron Maiden is super-clear: When you see rainbow colors, drop everything and go for this!)

So eventually it was over. PS: 830M included an extra ball.

I also realized Deadpool punishes lack of progress. If you don't have a good Ball 1 you have made the mountain really steep on Ball 2. And if you have two bad balls you need a miracle on Ball 3.

Still was too much of a blur. I don't know if this really helps anybody but me. I honestly think I should just start keeping a diary of good games.
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