Author Topic: Pinquest launches @TheRetroZone 9/5/2019 Ft. Myers a FOUR pin challenge  (Read 160 times)

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Our good friends at The Retro Zone
will be hosting a month long pinball quest.  The first quest will be on four machines:

Gilligan's Island-9,000,000
Mario Brothers-29,000,000
Star Wars-150,000,000

We also have a Donkey Kong quest of 5,800.

So how do I do this?

1.  goto and sign up for free.
2.  Visit The Retro Zone and try to hit the target scores.
3.   Take a selfie with score visible and manually enter your score.
4.   Get all four scores, you win!!!!!  Ends Sept 30, 2019

This app was just launched and some functions are still being tested.  it can only get better.  Watch for more on video game score quests.
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