Author Topic: Registration OPEN TODAY for Asylum Pin-Brawl & Knock-Out Before-The-Brawl  (Read 816 times)

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Hello Florida Pinball Fans & Fellow Asylum Inmates!

The Pinball Asylum officially opens TODAY registration for our 6th Annual Asylum Pin-Brawl Tournament and IFPA-sanctioned "The Knock-Out Before The Brawl."

If you need the link to register please email us:

The "Knock-Out Before-The-Brawl" is an IFPA-Sanctioned tournament on Friday night, October 4th, and our Saturday, October 5th Annual PIN-BRAWL is a fun and popular format that consists of two-person TEAMS of players who will battle it out through five (5) rounds of three (3) games to become "The Pinball Asylum PIN-BRAWL Champions."

To promote fairness and fun, teams for PIN-BRAWL will be created the day of the tournament based on A and B groupings-- i.e. each team will consist of an A-Level Player who will be teamed with a B-Level Player.

Unique and fun stuff about PIN-BRAWL:
1. Players get to name their teams (G, PG, or R-Rated only, please!)
2. Coaching is allowed-- i.e. you can instruct your partner what to shoot for real-time as he/she plays.
3. Trash-talking is encouraged! Call your rival team-member a "Yellow-bellied, double-flipping, banana fingered, swamp-rat" if you want to!

We know you will really enjoy this FUN tournament no matter what skill level you are at, as PIN-BRAWL is really all about camaraderie, friendly rivalries, and good-natured trash-talking!

Cost to join a team and play in the PIN-BRAWL is only $30.00, which includes your admission into The Pinball Asylum. Friday night's "The Knock-Out Before The Brawl" is just $15.00.

PIN-BRAWL Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Place Teams, with the winners each year having their names engraved on "The Pinball Asylum PLAQUE OF CHAMPIONS!" The "Knock-Out Before The Brawl" winners will receive prizes to be determined.

As always, participation in any of our tournaments is optional.  If you just want to hangout and play pinball that's fine by us.  $15.00 admission gets you in the door for both Friday and Saturday, and 70+ pinball machines will be set to Free Play. Kids under 12-years old are free. (If you are playing in one of the tournaments, your admission is included in the tournament fee.)

Let the trash-talking begin!  The Pinball Asylum PIN-BRAWL 2019 is coming up soon!

David, Matt B., Matt M., Mike, Jeff and Scott

The Asylum PIN-BRAWL 2019 & Knock-Out Tournament schedule:

Friday, October 4th:
Doors open at 6:30pm.
The "Knock-Out Before The Brawl" starts at 7:00.

Saturday, October 5th:
Doors open at 9:00am.
Team Formations: 9:30am
First Round of PIN-BRAWL: 10:00am
Second Round: 11:30am
Third Round: 1:00pm
Fourth Round 2:30pm
Fifth Round: 4:00pm
Finals: 6:30pm

The Pinball Asylum is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) private space to play pinball-- open to pinball enthusiasts, collectors, tournament and casual players. We currently host sanctioned IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association) tournaments, and a monthly Pinball League.

The Pinball Asylum is proud to be the chosen venue for IFPA17, The 2020 World Pinball Championship!

The Pinball Asylum's mission is to contribute to the revival of pinball with a vision to bring S.W. Florida a unique venue where the fun, art and sport of pinball can be enjoyed by everyone. Keeping alive this wholly American pastime, while raising monies for local charities is our ultimate goal.
When in Fort Myers, visit The Pinball Asylum..."A Nice Place To Play Pinball."

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Congrats to the bearded men in the final 2,  AD & MM in the pre brawl. Good luck to those playing tomorrow.