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Re: Impeachment
« Reply #30 on: February 12, 2020, 10:29:32 AM »
Looks like the new budget has 4.4 TRILLION in cuts in all the right places.
It's just a "GOP talking points" budget that has no chance of approval because it only benefits the top 1% most wealthy, an owner of a corporation, or the military industrial complex.  If you're a member of one of those, you've got your man in the white house, otherwise you're not rooting for your own interests.  Remember that 86% of Federal tax receipts are 86% funded by your paychecks.  If the wealthy and corporations aren't footing the bills, guess who is?  You.
So how do spending cuts affect "who is footing the bill"?  ???
And so many questions...
  • If the economy is as great as Trump says, why is the budget not balanced?  2020 will have $4.6B of outlays and the spending is still $4.7B after these cuts.
I'm assuming you meant "T" and not "B" here. If we only go up $0.1T in 2020 I would be thrilled (I doubt it though).
  • The budget assumes a 3% GDP increase per year, yet Trump is giving federal workers a 1% pay raise, which indicates he is treating Federal Employee pay is an entitlement.  This is the same behavior Trump exhibits with his own properties.  to the banker: My property is worth 250M!  To the local tax authority: My property is worth 150M! 
Do you have a house? If so look at your assessed value for tax purposes. I just looked at mine and the assessed value is only ~56% of the actual value. In your example Trump's is 60%. Looks like he is paying more than his fair share.  ;)
  • Why is the military budget increasing by 5% in peace time?  If anything should be cut, it's that $750B expense.  but let's face it, even dropping 100% of military spending, the budget is still not balanced.
I personally prefer that our country has the strongest military in the world.
  • Trump promised not to touch Medicare up to and including the day this budget was released.  It's a sign.
A sign for what?  ???
Cheer on, if it makes you feel better.
It kind of does  :D
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