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NIB TurboDuo system fs
« on: January 30, 2021, 06:27:16 PM »
Yup, been cleaning out the garage and thinning the herd. I have a NIB shrink-wrapped TurboDuo system that I'm thinking of selling. Small tear in the shrinkwrap near one corner, but never been opened, so it has the pack-in multigame CD (Gates of Thunder etc.) plus a hucard game. Not sure how many NIB Duos are floating around still.

I also have a vgc TurboExpress and tv tuner (lol), with adapter. Haven't tested it yet but pretty sure it works.

I'll be posting a ton of other console stuff in a while, but this is a start. Have a ton of 3DO games (with boxes), Atari Lynxes and games, Dreamcast and N64 controllers, etc. etc. pm me if interested.
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