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POPs Club, What's it all About?!
« on: February 02, 2013, 12:00:51 PM »

POPS logoColor by The Megabuck, on Flickr

Florida is a BIG State, so to encourage more play and meet ups within the Village, we've formed the Pinball Orlando Players Club.

Our Goal! First and foremost, our events will be social gatherings, as much as they are League Play events. Just because we're in Central Florida, that doesn't mean you have to be From Central Florida to come!

Pinball League: We will be starting out with simple Elimination Style League Play.  We will expand that more based on the players we get and feedback.  More than anything, we're hoping to have fun and encourage tournament readiness among players. We will be getting RSVP's for both attendees and league players.

Hosting an Event: If you would like to be a host, we ask a couple of things.  First, you should be within 45 minutes or so of the Downtown Orlando Area.  Secondly, you should have a minimum of 4 pins in your collection, videos are a Bonus too for the social aspect.  Even though we're there for Fun, some will come for Semi-Competitive play too, so we ask that you must have available at least 4 pins in FULL working order (3 for league play and 1 Backup).  We're glad to help out, but we don't need to be fixing switches or flippers before the day even gets going.  Please PM me directly if you're interested in Hosting a POPs meet up.

So here's the deal: All that being said, we are asking people to open up their homes to fellow Players and Collectors.  The bottom line is that we would love to be open and invite everyone, but with families, expensive collections, etc... the fact of the matter is that you can't trust everyone these days!  We ask that you be an active Villager with at least some dealings with any other established member (there are plenty of us!).  Make the effort to reach out at public events such as GameWarp, APE or Curly's Open house to meet other Villagers so that folks are more comfortable opening up their homes for events.  If people aren't willing to host, we won't have any fun!  These will be Adult Only Events unless otherwise indicated by a Host, however we will be encouraging hosts to allow spouses/significant others to attend as well.  We think this will help create a more social atmosphere for the events too.


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