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Title: Another Different Pinball Video View
Post by: Agtoftne on July 13, 2022, 09:25:43 PM
Just sharing another pinball video from a different viewing perspective.

This video was shot from atop a Pop Bumper aiming towards the flippers.
Notice the bulbs have been removed from the lights at the top of the slingshots.
At the video's start you can see me starting my Flipper Cam. After that camera is running
I reinsert the glass. The reflection of the playfield can be seen on the underside of the glass,
a very cool mirror effect. This video is 13:36 in length.

I'm posting this video to give everyone creative ideas for placement of video cameras under
the glass. This was test footage for me. I liked the downward look but by removing the bulbs
it made that area too dark. Also, when the ball enters the playfield, the pop bumpers sound was way too loud.
While I was recording from the Pop Bumper, I was also recording from the Flipper Cam.
That view had less than satisfying results because of the slingshot bulb removal. Leaving those bulbs in created these 2 large white blobs on the Pop Bumper footage. Just too overpowering and the depth of field is shorter because of the apron.
It's a unique look, just off center, but it's too tight. The Flipper Cam footage is better with those bulbs in, so I don't use the Pop Bumper camera footage in my videos any longer.

I start these multiple camera videos at the same time on the same day.
I could go back and edit the footage from different days together, but I don't.
Shoot the footage, stitch it together, insert titles, songs and it's done.
I just want some fun playing pinball and a video of the gameplay to enjoy later.

Thanks for visiting. Comments welcomed. (

Title: Re: Another Different Pinball Video View
Post by: Centaur Brother on July 13, 2022, 09:40:47 PM
Amazing how loud it is under the glass. I liked watching the balls come at you from the flippers and when the launch from shooter lane. The reflection was cool to.
Thanks for posting it.