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Detailed Results August FLiPS
« on: August 25, 2013, 09:56:56 AM »
FLiPS tourney August 2013

Format: Round 1:  Randomly pair 14 players into 7 teams of 2. Each team will play 4 balls on each of 4 games, with each player on the team playing 2 of the balls.  Order of play is not important. The team’s score will be the sum of the 4 games.  Top 4 teams advance.

Games played: POTC, TOM, AVATAR, RCT

Results round 1

1 Brian D./Chris L. 
2 Steve N./ Eric L. 
3 Eric F./Rich 
4 Josh/Jeff P. 


5 Atticus/Howard
6 Ron/Chris M.
7 Donny/ Jeff in Vero

Lowest 2 teams battled for Super Grover.  One game on POTC.  Donny walked away with the Super Grover “cat”

Round 2: The 8 players from Round 1 were then shuffled into a new pool to create 4 teams of 2. Same basic idea as Round 1 (4/balls per game, 2 per player).  Only 2 games played this time: AC/DC and Metallica. Top 2 teams advance to finals.

Results Round 2:

1 Steve/Brian D.
2 Rich/Jeff P.


3 Eric L./Chris L.
4 Eric F./Josh

Finals:  The 4 players now compete individually.  One game from random pool.  Game was T2.  Order of play determined randomly.

Final results:

1 Steve N.
2 Rich M.
3 Brian D.
4 Jeff P.

Congrats to the winners!  Good job!

See everyone next time.

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