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Detailed Results July FLiPS
« on: August 01, 2015, 10:11:09 AM »

TD Rich (host)

One handed games on Metallica, ACDC and Centaur.  Scores were added together to form a player's total composite score.

Top 4 composite scores advance to finals. 

Qualifying phase

Jeff  32.8 MIL
Dean 29.4 MIL
Rich 27.5 MIL*
Carlos 19.2 MIL
Dan C. 16 MIL

Cutoff (*Rich elected not to play finals)

Stephanie 13.6 MIL
Adam 13.2 MIL
Mark 11.7 MIL
Bryan 11.5 MIL
Zhanna 9.5 MIL
Cheryl 8.1 MIL
Zach 8.0 MIL
Denise 7.4 MIL
Dan 6.8 MIL
Chuck 6.5 MIL (Super Grover)

(BTW... There was no sheet for Eric Leon.)

Finals played on Corvette.  Order of play chosen by seed.


Jeff 1st.   1.4 BIL
Carlos 2nd.   619MIL
Dan C 3rd.   143MIL
Dean 4th.  20 MIL

Thanks for providing the score sheets, Rich.

See everyone next time.

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