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FLiPS FAQ for the 2018 season
« on: August 22, 2015, 01:28:29 AM »
Welcome to the FLiPS info board! Please take some time to read about the exciting new changes in FLiPS.

FLiPS is a private club and reserves the right to change or amend membership requirements, or refuse general public admission to an event. Changes will be posted in the FAQ sections as needed.

Any questions/comments should be directed to the FLiPS Director who is currently Jeff Palmer (pinballcorpse) via PM through this server.

What is FLiPS?

FLiPS (a shortened form of FLorida Pinball Society) is a private group of collectors and players in South Florida.

The purpose of FLiPS is to promote a friendly pinball-centric environment by offering opportunities for players and collectors to discuss pinball and to participate in casual, yet competitive pinball tourneys designed for players of all skill levels. 

Remember: It's more fun to compete!

In November 2015, FLiPS celebrated its 5th year and has numerous dedicated members. We represent the longest ongoing private pinball club in the state of Florida.

Who is in FLiPS?

FLiPS is comprised primarily of local collectors and tournament players in the Southeast tri-county area of Florida (Palm Beach/Broward/Miami-Dade).  FLiPS also has supporters out of the area and their dedication is appreciated.

FLiPS is very proud to have several highly ranked players in the IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association)  including 2 Florida State Pinball Champions in the IFPA State Championship Series.   

Many FLiPS members are very active and well-known in the Florida pinball community and are proud supporters of the annual APE show held in Southeast Florida.

FLiPS has had 100s of different guests to our events over the years.  We typically have 1 or 2 Open House style events where anyone is welcome to come have some pinball fun and participate in a casual tournament.

When does FLiPS meet?

FLiPS events are typically held once per month, during a weekend date, but can be held whenever is convenient for the host.  All official FLiPS events with basic invitation details are posted online on The Village and Florida Pinball Forum.  Specific details will be sent by the host to FLiPS invitees via email.   No private info is to be posted online.

Please read the FLiPS forum often to learn about upcoming events and Open Houses.

Does coming to a FLiPS event, or being a member cost anything?

No.  For 6 years running, there have been no dues or fees for FLiPS members or guests to play or participate and we intend to keep it that way.   Hosts and co-hosts share the cost of an event.  The idea is that every FLiPS Member takes part in hosting or co-hosting at least once during a 2-year span.

In January 2018, the IFPA implemented a $1.00 per person fee for a tournament to be part of the WPPR ranking system.  If a FLiPS event holds a sanctioned IFPA tourney, this fee will apply.  Keep in mind there is never any obligation to participate in the tourney, but you won't find better entertainment for $1.00.

Does FLiPS offer WPPR points or IFPA sanctioned tourneys?

Sometimes!  Yes, times have changed. Competitive pinball is exploding! While the fundamental intent of FLiPS is to offer players of all skills a chance to play competitive pinball in a variety of formats that are not as serious as sanctioned IFPA events, there are occasions where the event offers IFPA points. 

However, the formats for actual points are generally geared toward a quick event such as the popular version of 3-strikes. The tourneys are nowhere near as involved as say, APE, Point Monsters or Free Play Florida.

Interestingly enough, people realized that we were playing in many casual formats over the years that could award points.

Participation is always optional.

FLiPS does however have players that regularly compete in numerous IFPA events throughout Florida and the country. If you are a competitive pinball player located in the Florida, please drop us a line and ask about joining the FLiPS SPECIAL FORCES.

How can I become involved with FLiPS? 

FLiPS has had several members over its first 5-Year Mission. 

Due to the ever growing popularity of pinball, both casual and competitive, interest in FLiPS keeps growing.

We have many members who are part of the original wave of FLiPS, meaning the old school days of 2004-2005.  We also have people who been with FLiPS since the resurrection in 2010. 

Given the amount of players in the group, and players who want to participate, the rules on "membership" have changed. 

The Old School players if you will, are the core of our club.  You know who you are, we know who you are. 

There are no cards, no patches, but when you think FLiPS there are some names that are a given.  It has been tradition to invite these people to every event.  Some members host at least once per year.  They deserve to be invited as often as possible out of respect.

Because we have so many dedicated people, and some hosts that have space limitations, the invitation rules have to be simple: any host can invite whomever he/she wants. Sometimes you might not get invited-it happens. 

That's that.

As always, disrespectful or illegal behavior at any FLiPS event may warrant an individual being completely removed from all FLiPS lists regardless of level.


"We play more pinball in one tournament than most people play in their lifetime"

The FLiPS SPECIAL FORCES consists of players who over the most recent 12 months have demonstrated allegiance to FLiPS by wearing FLiPS apparel while participating in at least one IFPA tourney in Florida.  (Your name must appear on the IFPA website in the most current SCS standings for Florida).

FLiPS SPECIAL FORCES members who make the top 16 for the year end SCS series will be recognized for their accomplishment.

Unique events may be held periodically for those on the FLiPS SPECIAL FORCES with an emphasis on competitive pinball topics. 

Don't die wondering...proudly put on your FLiPS gear and get out there and compete!

See the FAQ section for FLiPS SPECIAL FORCES

How do I invite people to a FLiPS event I am hosting?

Starting in 2016, a new invitation system will be established because there are simply so many different people now coming to FLiPS events.

A host may extend invitations to ANYONE he chooses at any time.  This will all be left up to the host. 

The grandfathering clause has been eliminated.

How do I sign up to host

Members can sign up to host on the FLiPS calendar thread.  It is recommended that you check with the FLiPS Director to see if your proposed date has any major conflicts with holidays or other pinball events in the state or country where FLiPS members might be attending.

How can I help cohost?

Cohosts should sign up on the cohost thread and state what they are willing to do to help out.

Not sure what you can do?

Suggestions-offer to do one or more of the following:

Bring ice in a cooler
Bring drinks
Bring food, dessert or snacks
Bring extra paper towels or napkins
Help clean or fix games
Help level games
Bring fresh flipper, slingshot or post rubber for games
Organize or run a tourney
Carpool or shuttle others to free up parking at small venues
Clean up afterwards
Present a seminar on a pinball related topic

Be creative!  If you want to help, reach out to the host. 

Similarly, hosts should look on the cohost sign up boards as well. 

Can anyone offer to host a FLiPS event?

FLiPS is a private club with events provided by established Members.

As in the past, there may be unique instances where there are one-off FLiPS events hosted by friends of the club or public locations

An individual who wishes to host a FLiPS event or wishes to host a FLiPS event at a public venue should send a PM to the FLiPS Director.

Can I get on a Waiting List?

If you are hoping to become involved with FLiPS then contact the FLiPS Director via PM.

New people interested in FLiPS should look for advertised open houses or attend shows or tourneys and introduce yourself to various FLiPS members.   The more people you know the more likely a host will eventually invite you to a private event.

FLiPS wants people dedicated to playing and discussing pinball. 

If I have other questions, who do I contact?

For questions, comments, contact the FLiPS Director, currently Jeff Palmer (pinballcorpse) via PM on this site. 
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Re: FLiPS FAQ for the 2017 season
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Changes implemented for 2017.  Making things easier to accommodate the growth of the club :)
“Winning (contests) isn’t the word. I won it once. The rest of the time you’re just defending” -Rodney Mullen, skateboarding legend