Author Topic: FPF 2017 First Guest announcements and initial information!  (Read 804 times)

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Hi everyone,

Now that SFGE has come and gone and we are within about 4 months to FPF it's our turn to start spilling the beans! We are especially thankful to be able to do this for a fourth year, it's a ton of work but a ton of fun as well and we fully intend for this to be the best one yet!

First, for those that do not already know we have re-organized the business behind the event to become a Florida 501c3 non-profit organization and we are now known as Byte Amusement Group from a corporate standpoint.  FPF has always been a labor of love and not something we have ever done for profit so it makes total sense that we make that official in the eyes of the state.

As everyone knows, we are returning to the Doubletree Sea World again this year only this time to a very nicely remodeled space with new everything.  The 'patio' from last year is now fully enclosed and even the panel rooms are updated!  It's so nice!  Right  now, this is the space we are expecting to be in but there is a chance that the brand new hall that was under construction last year will be completed in time for us, in that case we have the opportunity to be there instead.  If this happens we will be sure to let everyone know!

A Call to Action:

 In the early days of shows in Florida, we did some really cool smaller panels that were presented by community members ranging from how to diagnose a monitor to restoration and repair tips and even game play.  This year we will have a second panel room that we want to use for just that and bring back the interactive education and sharing seminars.   If this is something you (or a group) have interest in doing please get in touch.  It's a great opportunity to share your techniques in whatever part of gaming you love most and learn what you could take and add to your own knowledge.  We have room for four 1.5 hour panels.

And Games, the show is not a show without games.  We have some really great incentives this year to thank you for bringing machines ranging from raffle tickets to even free room nights.  The details will be posted to the website this week and crossposted here.

That's the first update!  Now for a few guest announcements!

First, the hilarious thing that is our Space Ghost Live panel returns for episode 3 this year which will be a hoot (yea, i'm old I said hoot) and we thought what would be funnier than having a pop culture icon like Space Ghost to interview himself?  So we have Lakeland's own George Lowe, the voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast joining Thomas Blasco as Space Ghost on stage for what's sure to be good for a laugh.

Next, we know many of you have purchased the amazing book The Art of Atari and the newly released Poster Collection and we're thrilled to let you know that the author of the book Tim Lapetino will be joining us this year for a book signing and Q&A about all things Atari!  We will have a limited number of copies for purchase at the show.

And finally there's this guy:

Thanks for reading this far!  This was a video game heavy post, pinball is coming shortly!