Author Topic: This is a tremendous Community!!!!!!!  (Read 909 times)

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This is a tremendous Community!!!!!!!
« on: June 05, 2019, 10:24:06 AM »
This is a tremendous Community!!!!!!!

I would like to thank everyone that has participated in building such a strong Florida Pinball Community.

Nearly 6 years ago I was searching for a place to play pinball, the machine we grew up with had died a few years back and was sold as part of a package with a couple of other arcades to clear the way for a much needed bedroom. What I found was Within a couple weeks was Nick and I’s first time seeing another collector's house, completely full of Pinballs and Arcades, including one in the kitchen. Nick was only 12 at the time, and this was obviously an adult event for the tournament, but when things started to slow down, I asked if I could bring my son over to see their place, he was welcomed without hesitation.

Villagebbs showed the different areas, POPS, 904, TBPL, and FLIPS. Kinda looked like separate organizations that competed against each other but that feeling immediately disappeared when we went out from Orlando up to an event in 904 territory. Since then we have played from north of Jacksonville to just outside Miami. We may have cussed at the traffic on the routes, but never regretted an event.

There is a lot of growing up that has happened in these years. We went through a period where Nick hitting the Tilt Bob was how the next player knew it was their turn and the machine would still be shaking from a stranglers grip. He has matured quite a bit. That childhood disregard for an object has matured to a respect for the limits of a game, and more importantly, the respect for the possessions of others. The patience of this community cannot be understated. Thank you for letting him grow, instead of being turned away.

Nick is in Italy right now getting ready for IFPA16. He has certainly become a player that can hang with the best, but this is the result of a Community. So many individuals opening their homes for events, and all of the businesses and charities that have been developed around this Community.

Without you, I would have bought a machine and we would have played at my place, maybe found a restaurant that had a couple games and had a place to hang out. Nothing like this could have matured.

Thank you for providing the experience of a lifetime!!!!

There are way too many people to individually thank and the regret of not stating someone would be unbearable. A special thank you to those that have directly assisted him prepare for the Nationals in Las Vegas and now IFPA16, as well as all who have helped with funding his travel to these venues.

Mark Mueller

If someone that is going to the Asylum this weekend could please print the PDF attachment and bring it there, it would be greatly appreciated.
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