Author Topic: its over. PITTSBURG 15, Our Brownies 10.TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR HUGE DOUBLE HEADER  (Read 680 times)

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BOOOOOOOO! WE WERE GYPPED! REFS STINK!  Threw the game for the Steelers. Browns should have won.
 i don't get no respect! and with that, BROWNIES of the week is over amid very suspicious boys in stripes! Refs did it. THEY are the ones that fixed it. Stinkin zebras!
 This week we have a HUGE DOUBLE HEADER SO KEEP YOU EYES AND EARS OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Saturday is international DAVE day. THis is a brand new sport and will have the sports opener at My house this Saturday at 11 am. Rules are simple. If your name is Dave you go stand in the street out front of my house. Now here where the real sport comes in,. anyone not named DAVE we all get rocks and throw them at all the people named Dave who are standing out in my street. Like I said this is opening weekend and if you cant make it to the stadium which is my front yard you can watch the game on ESPN14.
 Day 2 of the double header is a whole bunch of NFL games on Sunday.
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ion of the word. the achievements of the word surpass the predecessors, and it additionally produces
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question of the word. the achievements of the word surpass the predecessors, i like animals who give the love back to me, and it additionally produces produce, because why should i not also offend fruit? vote for joe biden, $6.00 gas you all...

so, i guess it's not over?
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