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6th Annual PAPA-Style Tournament Registration Open Today
« on: August 27, 2021, 05:45:30 PM »
Hello Florida Pinballers and Fellow Asylum Inmates--

Registration for our 6th Annual "PAPA-Style" Tournament on September 25-26 is officially open today! If you are not on our mailing listl, please contact us at to register.

There will be trophies and cash payouts-- AND the winner's honor of having his or her name engraved on "The Asylum PAPA-Style Perpetual Cup Of Champions":

2015: Joe Geneau
2016: Jeff Palmer
2017: Jeff Palmer
2018: Dan Coyle
2019: Jeff Palmer

For a GREAT explanation of how the PAPA-Style tournament works, check out Jeff Palmer's post here on the Village from a couple of years ago:
We'll also be presenting a high-score contest or two for prizes to be held both Saturday and Sunday.

Note that the tournament will be live-streamed on Twitch by Norma Jennings! Get your game face on and get ready to play some serious pinball!

As usual, you do not have to play in the tournament to participate in the FUN!  We'll have over 80 machines on FREEPLAY both days.  If you just want to hang out and play pinball, regular admission for one or both days is just $15.00. Kids 12 and under get in free.

DETAILED INFO on hours of operation, and the tournaments can be found below.

Hope to see you there!

David, Matt B., Matt M., Mike, Jeff, Scott, Eric and Todd

Details on the 2021 6th Annual Asylum PAPA-Style Tournament:

Our PAPA-Style tournament is a Saturday-Sunday Event.

The hours of operation will be:
Saturday, September 25th: Doors open at 10:00am. Qualifying 10:30am - 10:30pm. Qualifying continues Sunday.
Sunday, September 26th: Doors open at 9:00am. Qualifying is 9:00am - 1:00pm. Finals starts at 2:00pm.

HIGH-SCORE CONTESTS: Both Saturday and Sunday High-Score Contests will be run with prizes to be determined.

Please PRE-REGISTER at the link provided in our email earlier today, or if you did not receive our email, please contact us at

About the format:
PAPA (The Professional & Amateur Pinball Association) previously held an annual championship tournament where the best players in the world competed for the title, World Pinball Champion.  In support of that goal, PAPA designed a very challenging format that allows the best of the best to rise to the top.  While PAPA has moved on to a new tournament format in the last couple of years, The Pinball Asylum is "old school," and has continued this very challenging tournament again for 2021.

The format for our "PAPA-Style" Tournament calls for each player to put together their best single entry or scorecard during qualifying.  An entry consists of five (5) games chosen by the player from a bank of ten (10) available machines. All games in each entry count equally toward a player’s qualifying total, meaning the system is intended to reward consistently good play, rather than a mixture of good and poor play.

The player selects what games each card consists of in an attempt to get the best composite score on those five (5) machines. Players may play as many entries in any combination of the five (5) qualifying games as they like, but each scorecard stands alone and cannot be combined with any other entries.

Scores from each game in each qualifying attempt are ranked against all other players, yielding a qualifying point total. Only a player’s single best multi-game qualifying total will determine his or her qualifying position for the final rounds.

With this format it is virtually impossible for a player to buy his or her way into the final rounds.

Advanced pricing for the tournament is as follows:
-- Admission, and Five (5) Tournament Entry Tickets/Cards Included (25 Plays Total, 5 plays each ticket/card)— $40.00
-- Admission Only, Non-Tournament Players: $15.00 for both Saturday and Sunday.
-- Each Additional Entry Ticket (5 plays): $10.00
(PLEASE NOTE: Pre-Purchase Discounts for additional entry tickets are available when you pre-register on-line!)

A complete set of rules will be posted soon.

The Pinball Asylum is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) private space to play pinball-- open to pinball enthusiasts, collectors, tournament and casual players. We currently host sanctioned IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association) tournaments, and a monthly Pinball League.

The Pinball Asylum is proud to be the chosen venue for IFPA17, The World Pinball Championship, currently scheduled for May 26-29, 2022.​
When in Fort Myers, visit The Pinball Asylum..."A Nice Place To Play Pinball."

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Re: (Games List!) 6th Annual PAPA-Style Tournament Registration Open Today
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2021, 12:01:57 PM »

We need more players for our tournament this weekend! Please come out and support this iconic Florida tournament.

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When in Fort Myers, visit The Pinball Asylum..."A Nice Place To Play Pinball."

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Re: 6th Annual PAPA-Style Tournament Registration Open Today
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Nice / Play Hard