Author Topic: The 9th Annual Point Monsters Championship REGISTRATION open!  (Read 330 times)

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The 9th Annual Point Monsters Championship REGISTRATION open!
« on: February 07, 2022, 06:55:28 PM »
Hello Pinball Family and Fellow Asylum Inmates!
Today begins registration and sign-up for Florida's premier three-day tournament, the 9th Edition of The Point Monster's Championship-- being held March 18-20, 2022.
Please help get the word out!  This year we hope to get the new IFPA Certified Tournament designation-- increasing the prize money and maximizing WPPR points! For this we need a minimum of 64 rated players.

As in past years the event features two tournaments-- The Main Point Monsters and The Point Monsters Classics.  The tournaments will also be live -streamed on Twitch.
For the 9th Edition of The Point Monsters Championship, we are making some cool changes that we think you'll like:

• The top 16 qualifiers will go to the A-Finals in the Main tournament, and the next 8 players will play in a B-Finals.
• Both divisions will be awarded trophies and cash prizes for the top 4.
• We are increasing the size of the banks in both Main and Classics to accommodate more players, and lessen our already short wait times.
• We will be offering bounties, i.e. cash rewards across several different machines in the competition.

Please register and sign-up today. If you need the link, please email us:
Tournament Details:
The Point Monster's Championship features two qualifying days of pinball, and finals on Sunday, with two simultaneous tournaments-- The Main Point Monsters Championship, and The Point Monsters Classics. The Main tournament awards the coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze Monster trophies, with the winner achieving a permanent banner in the rafters of The Asylum. Both the Main and the Classics also award cash prizes and trophies. This year we will have both an A and B division finals in the Main tournament.
The Main Tournament requires PRE-REGISTRATION and is limited to 75 players. The Classics Tournament can be PRE-PAID for a discount-- when you register-- or just sign-up and pay when you arrive.
Asylum Hours During Point Monsters:
Main & Classics Qualifying-- Friday, March 18: 6:30pm-12:30am.
Main Qualifying & Classics Finals-- Saturday, March 19: 9:30am-12:30am
Main Finals-- Sunday, March 20: 10:00am-12:00am.
The Main Tournament: Qualifying play will begin on Friday at 6:30pm and run to 12:30am. We open back up Saturday at 9:30am and continue until 12:30am. Total qualifying time: 21 hrs. The 16 top ranking players will play A-Finals on Sunday morning, starting promptly at 10:30am. B-Finals will take qualifying players 17-24, and start at 11:00.
The Classics Tournament: Qualifying play will begin on Friday at 6:30pm and run until 12:30am. Saturday, we start back qualifying at 9:30am. Classics qualifying will end at 6:00pm on Saturday. Total qualifying time: 14.5 hrs. The top 8 ranking players will play finals on Saturday night starting promptly at 7:00pm.
The Main Tournament is $65 for unlimited qualifying play.
Limited to 75 players.
-Or get the Ultimate VIP Tournament Package for $85.00 that includes the Main Tournament, a delicious Nice Guys boxed lunch on Saturday, and 5@Classics Tournament Ticket Entries.
The Classics Tournament game entries are (1) for $5.00, (3) for $10.00, (7) for $20.00, (15) for $40.00. Entries can be purchased in advance or at the event.
Or if you don't plan to play in either tournament, you can pay a $15.00 Entry Fee per day, or just $25.00 for the whole weekend-- Friday-Saturday-Sunday. Open Freeplay will be available all weekend with 70+ non-tournament games to play.
When in Fort Myers, visit The Pinball Asylum..."A Nice Place To Play Pinball."