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« on: April 25, 2022, 07:33:57 AM »
Im trying to get to Planet X, now I know you have to beat the four cities to do this but when I beat two monsters I can't fight another single Monster I go right into to teir two battles.... how do I light select City at the same time my battle is lit? What are the prerequisites for going into a third tier one battle?
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Re: Godzilla
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2022, 10:04:06 AM »
From the Rulesheet, looks like you have to play all Tier 2:

Planet X Multiball:
After Godzilla travels to all 4 cities and plays all of the Tier 2 Battle modes, Planet X will appear as an option at
the scoop when Select City is lit. If all the Monster Monitor inserts are not lit yet in the final city you can choose
to either stay in the current City or move on to Planet X. If all the Monster Monitor inserts are lit then there will be
only one choice and Planet X will be auto selected from the selection screen. Once Planet X is selected you will be
awarded with the final city Carnage Bonus and then the game will proceed to award the Earth Bonus.
Earth Bonus
The total of the Carnage Bonus for all 4 cities up to that point will be awarded again before you reach Planet X.
Planet X wizard mode
Planet X Multiball starts with 3 balls. This multiball has 4 stages where each stage adds a ball when you complete
it. You can also drain down to a single ball but will end if that ball drains. The Heat Ray is disabled during Planet X
Multiball. The Jackpots for each stage are multiplied by the number of cities Godzilla controls from the 4 cities on
Earth that were visited, called “multiplier” below.
Defeat the Xiliens by making it through all of these phases:
1. 3 Powerline Targets (2M + 250K each hit) then Center Spinner (10M x multiplier)
2. All Tank shots (3M + 500K each tank) then Maser Cannon (15M x multiplier)
3. 5 Magna Grab shots (2M + 750K each shot) then Right Ramp (20M x multiplier)
4. All Arrows lit yellow (2M + 1M each arrow) collect all to start final shot Hurry-Up
Final Shot Hurry-Up
A 20 second hurry-up starts at the Scoop for 50M x multiplier. When the hurry-up times out the base value of 50M
will still be collected though if the ball goes into the scoop after the time has expired. This will now start the Victory
Challenge mode.
Planet X Victory Challenge mode
After the final scoop hurry-up, the Planet X Victory Challenge mode will start along with a 120 second timer
You must play through all four phases again and light the Final Shot Hurry Up again within the time limit or the
mode will end and all balls will drain out. If you drain down to one ball in the Victory Challenge mode the mode will
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Re: Godzilla
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2022, 12:09:45 PM »
lol. a good game for me, i fight 2 monsters. 1 at a time... :P
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