Author Topic: For Sale: Atari Legacy Arcade 1up (Tempest) with riser, trackball mod  (Read 488 times)

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(Apologize if this is the wrong forum - I thought post would be better here than in the arcade buy / sell)

For sale is one Arcade 1up "Atari Legacy" game. Comes with official riser, ac adapter, and the ThunderStick LED trackball mod, which is smoother and more responsive than the original trackball. 

Also, color of the led can be changed by a switch inside. 

Normally $499.99 retail + $50 trackball - village price $250 cash and carry in Panama City off 98, or Paypal/Venmo if you pay the fees for buyer protection etc.

Should fit in a large sedan / small suv.  Weighs about 60lbs, but unfortunately I have a bad back and can't help lift.

Link to pics on my facebook post:
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