Author Topic: Pinball Social at Parcade - 6/26 @ 6 PM  (Read 244 times)

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Pinball Social at Parcade - 6/26 @ 6 PM
« on: June 22, 2022, 09:48:57 AM »
Hey everyone,

We're hosting another Pinball Social at Parcade this Sunday, and this time is a bit different.

All machines will be set to 1 coin per play.

It's super casual, and our goal is mostly just to get some of our community together to play pinball and have fun. Bobbi D. is hosting, and I'll be there as well. Come challenge us, and win swag!

Current lineup at Parcade:
Rush Pro
Attack From Mars Remake LE
Stern Jurassic Park Pro
Godzilla Pro
Avengers Premium
Lord Of The Rings
Iron Maiden Pro
Monster Bash Remake SE
Game of Thrones Pro
Medieval Madness Remake

I hope to see some of you all out here for this one!