Author Topic: For sale: two 18 inch subwoofers, 400 watts each, both for $250 obo  (Read 443 times)

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Two 18" Subwoofers- 400 Watts Each, Passive- $250 For Both obo- subs sub woofer

2 subwoofers for DJ or PA sound reinforcement, these sound great and really add the low end punch to fill out the sound,  I only used one of them a handfull of times for some DJ work, the other one I never used so it's like brand new, they are perfect for that and good news is they're not extremely heavy, they are passive speakers so need a power amp to power them (is not built in),  the brand is Steel Sound. $250 obo for BOTH, which is a fantastic deal!  Pickup in Chuluota 32766