Author Topic: Condom vending 1970-90 SCAM  (Read 3911 times)

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Condom vending 1970-90 SCAM
« on: April 17, 2023, 12:15:11 AM »
Not that anybody in the vending business is shady in the early years I work for a vendor that had a brilliant idea. Statutes of limitations apply .    He had the vending rights for condom machines in many of the bars and he had me refill them so that only one or two of the columns worked and the rest were always empty. As most men can relate you will put a dollar and every slot until you get your rubber. The guy made a fortune. For some strange reason no guys went out to the management and told them that ripped of in the mens room
 :-\. I certainly hope you vendors are not getting any ideas