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« on: May 22, 2024, 02:39:09 AM »
5/22/1980 is officially Pac-Man’s birthday. I thought I would celebrate him this year. Seems like it was yesterday going to the amusement show, playing the game, placing the order, waiting for the games to arrive… Those were the days!  Space Invaders, Asteroids, then along came Pac-Man.  Back then you bring a new game into the arcade, everybody crowds around, quarters lined the glass, solid play to closing. But this game changed things in the arcade, it brought in something extra, the guys had to stand aside for the women to play.  The game was later reinvented and turned into Ms. Pac-Man so they had a game for them. Anyways, happy birthday Pac-Man, and thanks for all those memories!
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I remember where I was the first time I played Pac-Man in 1980.  Can't say that for too many other arcades or pins.  Pac-Man started to appear that summer but I avoided playing it in my local NY arcades and stuck with familiar favorites like Asteroids.   On vacation that summer (age 14) my family visited FL and Sarasota Springs training field which had a Pac-Man cocktail in the visitor cafe area so I finally decided to give it a try and it was a lasting experience that I still look back fondly on.   I wonder if someone on this forum was the operator there or currently owns that cocktail machine.   
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First time I saw Pacman I was on vacation as a kid somewhere (probably Maine) at some arcade.

I remember they had a few of them lined up and there was a wait to play on all of them so I was annoyed.  Wait in line forever to play a game for 2 minutes... :P

First color monitor game I can remember seeing also which made it stand out.

My favorite was Space Invaders up until then... I remember playing that a ton.

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i have a pacman cocktail with the pallet strap wood still attached to the bottom.

my upright is gone. the 60 in 1 takes care of all of my pacman needs, which are few. :P

street fighter 2. that was the game you placed your quarters on, and you waited.

memories. long live the public arcades. the days you could go play The Blob at a dennys you rode your bike to.  ;D

happy birthday pacman. you young bitch you...

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