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Streets of Rage 4 - Perfect Achievement
« on: July 07, 2022, 09:03:45 AM »
I recently built a Streets of Rage 4 cabinet that I've been playing almost constantly.  I've been working through the achievements that I had missing.  Most of the ones I had left were just playthroughs using a certain character.  The last one has been killing me though:  Perfect.

The object of the achievement is to complete an entire level without getting hit.  It seemed pretty easy in theory, but the enemies in this game, even on Easy, are just programmed to get that one punch in at all costs.  Once they get the punch in there, they let you be to do combos and whatever and if they have life left after the combo, they'll attempt another one punch.

I had to change my strategy a little bit because I've been playing through the levels for points, and playing Survival.  Both of which, to me, the best strategy is to never use your Special.  Your special when you use it takes some of your life bar as "credit" per se, which you pay back by getting hits without getting hit yourself.  If you get hit, you lose the amount of life that has been taken as "credit."  Since the point of the achievement is to never get hit, using your Special isn't that big of a deal.  You can just refill the "credit" with power-up turkeys and apples.

I started this new strategy and it has worked out for the most part, but I usually lose the "no-hit" battle on the boss when things start to get chaotic.  They lose about 1/3 of their health bar and call in for backup metaphorically or literally in the case of Estel and now you have several baddies trying to get that one hit in there.

Floyd has been my best so far as his special basically hits everyone in a half-sphere radius around him.  However, I did recently watch a video of SoR2 Skate's special being a little better since it lets you move towards your enemy and attack everyone in that direction.  With Floyd, you have to stop moving to use your sphere special, otherwise it does a different one that only affects one enemy to the front of you.

I'm going to give Skate a whirl this evening and see if I can't finally perfect a level, and in turn, perfect the achievement list.